Foundation or Facade? The State of Christianity in Great Britain

(Photo: Shifting stone, Highgate Cemetery.  Credit: Wendy Sherer)

Few would argue that the Anglican Church is the established religion of Great Britain, but what significance does Christianity still have—if any—in the life of the United Kingdom?  Wendy Sherer initiates a conversation that includes practicing and non-practicing Christians, atheists and vicars, bishops and bartenders—to get to the heart of our state religion, and find out whether it still holds a place in the hearts of Britons.

Raised and educated in the U.S., Wendy Sherer served for thirteen years as an ordained Lutheran minister.  In 2011 she moved to London and earned a Masters in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Westminster.  Wendy has written and presented a series of short features called Postcards from London, which were broadcast in 2012-13 on WGTE Public Radio in Toledo, Ohio, based on her observations of a newcomer to the capital.  She maintains membership (and occasionally preaches) at St. Anne’s Lutheran Church in The City.

Wendy Sherer

Diane Munday
Bishop Richard Chartres
Matt Plen
Rev. Clare Herbert
Dr. Eric Kaufmann
Jeremy Tipping
John Hughesdon
Sally Barnes
Richard Gray

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